The Witch : Part 1. The Subversion 2018

Mystery, Action Korea 125 Minutes 2018 06.27

Director Park Hoon-jung, Kim Dami (Jayoon), Jo Min-soo (Dr. Baek), Park Hee-soon (Mr. Choi)

Jayoon lost all her memories after escaping from a facility where a mysterious accident occurred 10 years ago.
Through the care of an elderly couple who raised them with age and name.
She grew up to be a brave and bright high school girl.

Jayoon appears in an audition program with prize money to help families in need.
Immediately after the broadcast, the mysterious characters appear before her.
A man who watches sharply around Ja-yoon,
And from the time of the accident to Dr. Baek and Mr. Choi looking for the missing child.
With their emergence that he doesn’t remember at all,
Jayoon gets confused …!

Everything changed after they appeared.

I watched this movie without any previous information.
It is a thrilling performance by Kim Da-mi, an actor who plays Jayoon.
I admire a story that is stronger than I thought.
It was not boring.
(My boyfriend said it was a little bit boring in the beginning.)
I like action but I can’t watch thriller (especially the hunted part) very well.
It was a thrilling movie that I could relax even a moment.
I felt that our movie industry has improved a lot.

Personally, I’d like to take a keyword with me about human greed.
The creation of an enemy life of Ja-yoon (?) stems from the desire of human beings to pursue development.
It’s not just based on the title of the movie at the beginning, but it’s not about fulfilling the habits of the human being.
I looked at the pictures that showed the history of the ancient magic.
After watching the movie, we never wanted to admit what we lacked.
I think I well expressed the psychology of the documentary from the beginning of the movie.

Because of its groundbreaking ending, every time I watch a Korean movie,
It’s a movie that I always thought was urgent.
I think I can watch it in DVD room or VOD two or three times more.
It’s not a short story, it’s a long story.
Rather than movies that begin with short stories and move on into a series.
I think it’s solid and worth seeing.

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