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      Erectile dysfunction will prevent the male organ to get or maintain the level of erection that is actually
      expected by a man. The quality of erection is generally judged on the
      basis of the functionality and rigidity.
      When the level that is needed for sexual penetration is not achieved, it is stated as erectile dysfunction or ED.
      The great news for men suffering with this issue is that they can cure erectile dysfunction problem with
      the help of natural remedies. This is where Booster capsules can help men. Long:
      This herbal ingredient with its botanical
      name is caryophyllus aromaticus is commonly called as clove and
      this ingredient was tested on male rats to find that it is effective in enhancing sexual activity.

      This is why effective sexual health remedies for men have
      this ingredient to improve their lovemaking performance.
      Long pepper: This ingredient is added to Booster capsules to cure erectile
      dysfunction problem because it is known to be an effective stimulant, laxative,
      stomachic and carminative ingredient. Soanth: This is nothing, but the dried form of ginger and it is known for its
      aphrodisiac properties. It is known to provide an excellent cure to ED problem, thereby forming part
      of these herbal remedies. Chitrak: This is a powerful digestive and carminative herb that is
      known for its effectiveness in addressing digestive issues.
      When digestive functions happen in health fashion in the human body,
      everything will automatically fall in place.

      Jeera: This is nothing, but the popular cumin seed that is used in the day-to-day
      cuisine is known to deal effectively with infertility issues.

      It can address different sexual health issues in men like ED, PE, low vitality and low sperm count, thereby
      improving their fertility rate in a natural manner. Makoy:
      This ingredient can act as a restorative tonic.
      So, it can replace the effects created by old age in the human body, thereby
      helping men to get out of the age-related weakness in sexual performance.
      Kudacchal: This herb is being used by herbalists for long to
      cure gastrointestinal diseases. Even, it can cure other issues like digestive problems, skin infections, anemia, etc.
      These benefits make it a part of Booster capsules to cure erectile dysfunction problem.

      Other products in this category include horny goat weed (several species of Epimedium), and a combination of fenugreek and ginseng.
      However to most professional researchers, no true aphrodisiacs, herbal or otherwise, have been proven to
      exist. This opinion is mostly held because the effects of
      herbal supplements tend to have no definitive studies regarding their efficacy,
      relatively nonspecific, limited, and associated with
      unpredictable or unknown side effects. There is therefore need for randomised,
      controlled, double-blinded studies to assess their efficacy and prevent their abuse for commercial gain. Since its release in March 1998, sildenafil (Viagra) has become the drug of choice for treating erectile dysfunction.

      Viagra improves erections by working locally
      on the penis by inhibiting an enzyme phosphodiesterase-5 (PDE-5).
      Men taking Viagra reported a higher satisfaction rate in overall sexual function, orgasm,
      penile rigidity and maintenance of erections.
      Other oral agents similar to Viagra that have been approved for the treatment of erectile dysfunction include vardenafil (Levitra) and tadalafil (Cialis).
      These drugs basically work in the same way with Viagra but while Levitra has very
      similar duration of action compared to Viagra, Cialis may be active for longer periods up
      to 36 hours. However certain precautions should be taken before consideration of an oral medication as
      treatment of choice for erectile dysfunction.

      Prostaglandin E1 (alprostadil) placed inside the penile urethra,
      medicated urethral system for erection (MUSE), has been used when oral
      medications have been unsuccessful. Large studies from Europe and the United States demonstrated that MUSE was effective in 43 percent of men with erectile dysfunction from various causes.
      The major advantage of MUSE therapy is that it is applied locally and has few side effects.
      The major drawbacks are that it may cause moderate penile pain, and it
      can have an inconsistent response rate.
      When oral medication fails, penile injections to induce erection are
      another alternative to treat erectile dysfunction. The most commonly used agents include alprostadil or a combination of papaverine, phentolamine and alprostadil (Trimix).

      The response rate for the Trimix solution is as high as 90 percent and most men and their partners find that injection therapy is easy and are very
      pleased with the results. Men must have appropriate training and education before beginning
      home injection therapy. However there might be occasional fainting,
      dizziness, low blood pressure as side effects and also pain, infection, bruising and scarring if patients are
      not trained properly (however they are rare). In patients who only have partial erections or who either do not respond to other treatments or prefer not to use them, a vacuum device maybe useful.

      The device consists of a plastic cylinder connected to a pump and a constriction ring.
      For men with erectile dysfunction who have failed or cannot tolerate other treatments, a penile prosthesis offers an effective, but more incursive alternative.

      Prostheses come in either a semi-rigid form or as an inflatable device.
      Most men prefer the placement of the inflatable penile prosthesis.
      The placement of the prosthesis within the penis requires the use of an anaesthetic through
      a surgical procedure. Patients and partners satisfaction rates are as high as 85 percent.
      Nonetheless, rare side effects include infection, pain and device malfunction or

      Treatment for erectile dysfunction generally should start with the simplest methods.
      The first method of treatment should be the primary use of an orally administered PDE-5 inhibitor.
      If this fails (which occurs in about 30% to 50% of cases), reinstruction as to proper administration or switching to another PDE-5 inhibitor
      may be attempted. Further failure may necessitate resorting to
      a second line of treatment which might include a vacuum device,
      intraurethral inserts, intracorporeal injections, and some natural products and herbs.
      These treatments may be tried in combination with each other or with a PDE-5
      inhibitor. If no progress has been made to this point, a
      penile prosthesis could then be opted for. However, you need
      to realise that the PDE-5 inhibitors, vacuum devices,
      intraurethral inserts, intracorporeal injections, and penile prostheses do not cure the original disease or disorder causing
      the erectile dysfunction and are not without their side effects.
      Other than not yet having clinical and standard organisations certification,
      the herbal supplement treatment options which have been around for centuries are
      an effective alternative for the treatment of erectile dysfunction.

      The article contains some valuable information on the
      different procedures for the sexual dysfunction treatment in Kolkata
      including the recent ones. However, the treatment is
      done according to the specific problem. Some people
      might be hesitant about discussing sexual problems such as erection issues as they are not
      very comfortable. However, one cannot keep on concealing such disorders for
      a long time as it may have adverse affect on the health and trouble
      your mind. Therefore, it becomes vital to take the help of
      a professional as early as possible without delaying anymore.

      Erection problem not only can create difficulty in the
      sex life thereby constraining the conjugal relation between the
      couple but also gives birth to number of other health concerns.

      Previously the problem was referred to as impotence; however, today the common term is
      erectile dysfunction. A woman suffering from sexual dysfunction will remain in some kind of mental distress as she is not able to derive pleasure from sexual intercourse.
      Thus the sexual dysfunction treatment in Kolkata becomes very important.
      However, even before beginning the treatment procedure,
      it is vital to diagnose the cause of the problem. People usually consult
      a psychiatry to sort out these issues and often the discussion is kept secret.

      The doctor does not disclose such problems with anybody.
      Major causes of the problem identified include surgery, medical illness, emotional and relationship problems.

      The intensity of the problem in the females is quite high and the victims
      are above the age of forty. They usually complain about lower level of desire,
      some sort of sexual disorder and even arousal.
      As mentioned in the earlier paragraph, there
      are a number of reasons for female dysfunction which has basically been categorized into three categories namely physical, psychological and environmental.
      The doctor will have to discuss with the patient in detail
      to identify the sexual dysfunction causes. Thus you need to be frank in discussing your problems for the
      best remedy possible. The physical factors include diabetes, neurological issues, surgical interventions etc.
      Apart from that it can be a side effect of the medicine for hypertension. People addicted to smoking and alcohol consumption are more prone to such disorders.

      The mental issues include anxiousness, stress, fatigue and depression. The environmental factors are more associated with the personal life of
      the woman. For a proper treatment, proper sexual
      dysfunction diagnosis is extremely necessary. The diagnosis of the private organs is essential if
      the problem is due to the physical causes. At times the glands starts malfunctioning
      and thus the person has to encounter hormonal problems.

      Other issue include injuries or disorders
      of genitals organ leading to very painful intercourse.
      The treatment is through psychological counselling and medications.
      However, the latest treatment procedure is Intrinsa treatment for FSD.

      Testosterone, a male hormone is supplied to women’s bodies which helps in improving her condition and also the recovery from erectile dysfunction problem.
      If the person is having any mental problem, he or she has to be first taken into confidence and
      then explained everything. The sexual dysfunction treatment in Kolkata is not expensive
      and the cost depends on the specific problem.

      A lot of men often hear about impotence problems medication and its
      “merits”. Nevertheless, few in fact experience how it works.
      It is almost always recommended if you’re planning
      on having any medicine, you’ve at least the hazy notion of
      what it will and exactly how it works together with your body.
      Usually, you’d go and speak with your medical professional about
      it, but since here is the Net, there are possible ways to get the info.
      Listed here is a paint primer on how erection dysfunction treatment works.
      First, we’ve got to understand what a hardon turns out to be.
      When guys acquire intimately stimulated, the mind delivers a sign towards the veins across the guy’s physique, especially the versions around his penile,
      that he is acquiring aroused. Generally, the particular blood vessels in their manhood are little, fairly
      “constricted”, and permit blood to readily circulation out and in.

      When the sex is actually full, the particular indicators tend to be solved, the body can be able to drain of
      your penis, and the blood vessels go back to their own normal state.
      The truth is, it is a much bigger challenging when compared with that will,
      but the above illustration is one that many adult men can in fact recognize.
      Now, any time mankind has erectile dysfunction, it may indicate any one
      a lot of things. It could mean that the mind isn’t transmitting the right signs, how the muscle tissues round the blood vessels are too
      anxious, or perhaps it could possibly imply something different.

      Any time erectile dysfunction can is actually let the muscle tissue throughout the veins to relax
      and permit your blood circulation that occurs more easily.
      It basically relaxed every thing and also permits the actual blood to relocate your system and to your penis more efficiently.

      This evidently resolves the challenge for males. However, the reality is,
      male impotence medication merely is proven to work approximately One in three
      guys. It isn’t a single sizing matches almost all solution. There are
      many different issues that truly cause erectile dysfunction. Your Erectile dysfunction treatment, like Generic tadalafil and
      Sildenafil citrate, just really help the issue regarding muscle
      pleasure. Should you not battle with might it really is another thing
      that is causing your own male impotence issues, you’ll need to
      proceed and see a health care provider to have an complementary medicine.
      Now that you understand the basics of how male impotence arbitration works, you can be confident in which next time the
      situation arises, you will possess a little understanding into it and you will be creating a knowledgeable decision.
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      What are the signs of male infertility?

      Human being is considered as the wonder creation in this
      world. He has the right capability to prove himself as the best creature.
      His research and development has taken world to many steps forward.

      But in this ultra modern and highly scientific time some diseases still exist
      which can capture human activities and can affect his life to a large extent.

      Men got scattered when their personal life has become a victim of these inabilities.
      There exist one disease which is not so harmful
      as cancer or Aids but still has the capacity to capture human body and mind to ruin his life is known as Erectile Dysfunction or impotency.
      Impotency is normal tendency when someone gets older.
      But the sign noticed in young men is a sign of disease and frustration caused due to excessive work burden, unhealthy eating habits and mostly due to hormonal disorder.

      This drug has been developed and sold in market by the original manufacturer Eli Lilly and company.
      Besides impotency this drug is also approved by FDA
      to treat BHP that is benign prostatic hyperplasia a phase where prostate glands enlarged than normal and stands as an obstruction in the way of urine output.
      This drug is an approved and safe treatment
      if in case of a man both BHP and impotency exists.
      But you should consult and examine your body properly before consuming the drug to check the body capacity to
      tolerate. But sometimes the consumption shows some rare side
      effects and you should be well aware about these in order to neglect
      the symptoms in which you may need proper attention and treatment of doctor.
      These side effects are headache, indigestion, back pain, muscle
      pain and runny nose etc. The side effect of the drug also cause in widening the blood vessels that may
      disappear after effecting some time. But
      if any of these symptoms last for long then you shouldn’t be late to visit your Generic
      Cialis doctor.

      You may have enjoyed your sex life back with some medication for erectile dysfunction, but
      something is missing. Every time you want to have an intimacy,
      you have to prepare yourself by taking medication one or two hours before intercourse.
      This was OK at first, but then it gets annoying from
      time to time. You feel that you are losing an important component in your sex life,
      spontaneity. No more surprise, no more sudden flame like when you first met.

      You missed the old days. Then you may want MUSE. MUSE is an acronym for Medicated Urethral Suppository for Erection. It is essentially a
      topical medication, applied directly into the urethra.

      MUSE consists of an applicator and a pellet. The applicator is a plastic device designed
      to insert the pellet into your urethra. The pellet is so tiny, about half the
      size of a piece of rice grain. It will react in about 5-10 minutes after insertion. Sexually active
      couples who missed their hot old days would thank MUSE so
      much. When you feel the flame inside you, insert a pellet of MUSE into your urethra and then you can immediately start your foreplay.

      After 5-10 minutes of foreplay, you are ready for the main business.
      Welcome back love cupid. There are some problems though. MUSE is not for everybody.

      There are people who are not eligible to use MUSE. You
      should consult your doctor and may be asked to take some tests.
      In general people with some heart problems may not be a good candidate to use MUSE.
      Men with sickle cell anemia or trait, leukemia
      or tumor of the bone marrow, allergy to alprostadil, or abnormal penile anatomy are also
      not eligible to use MUSE. In addition, MUSE also has some negative effects.

      You may be suffered from priapism, i.e. prolonged
      erection, which is quite painful. You may also get dizziness or faint, which are the signs of decreased blood pressure.
      There are also some other side effects associated with the route of application such as
      burning sensation at penile area, pain at scrotum,
      perineum, and inner thighs, etc. Because of all this, MUSE must be
      used only under medical supervision.

      Doctors usually begin with the lowest dose possible, titrated
      to the optimum dose which gives best desired effect without significant side effects.
      Nevertheless, if you really want a spontaneity component in your sex life, MUSE may be your answer.
      You must discuss the possibility with your doctor, however.
      Have your hot old days back. Hope the best for you and your sex life.
      This information is solely for informational purposes.

      It does not replace the advice of your physician or other health
      care provider. Before undertaking any course of treatment,
      the reader must seek the advice of their physician or other health care provider.

      Simple changes in diet and lifestyle help men to improve erectile dysfunction. Healthier life styles like quitting smoking,
      reducing alcohol consumption, consuming healthy food,
      exercising regularly etc, help to overcome erectile dysfunction.
      Stress is the main cause of erectile dysfunction. Our body can bear
      stress to some extent and keep us alert. When stressful condition prevails for a long time, it paves way to illness.
      Stress related to a job, marriage, or finances is a common cause of erection problems.
      Ongoing stress may result in erectile dysfunction, which in turn increases stress.
      Keep some time of the day for you to relax. Even 15 minutes in a
      day is sufficient.

      Talk your problems with family members or friends.
      Have a positive attitude and believe in yourself. Learn relaxation techniques like pranayama (deep breathing technique) yoga and meditation. Gardening, exercise,
      listening to music and indulging in games help to overcome stress.
      Find out ways for relaxation. Identify the factor which is causing stress
      and find a way to ease it. Alcohol or smoking cannot reduce stress.
      Instead they increase stress. Massaging your body with herbal oil once in a week is another best way to reduce stress.
      Take a break from regular work to visit friends or places
      you like. Deep breathing exercises for few minutes in between your work
      help to reduce stress. Quit smoking. It is known to everyone that cigarette smoking is harmful and

      But very few know the risks of cigarette addiction. Smoking inflicts body with many irreversible
      damages and reduces the human life span by 25 years.
      Men who smoke suffer from erectile dysfunction than men who do not.
      It is evident from researches. Smoking impairs erections
      and can become a reason for erectile dysfunction. Smoking causes formation of
      plaques in arteries (atherosclerosis) which obstruct the blood flow.
      It affects semen and also reduces sperm count and impairs sperm motility.
      But these are reversed after stopping smoking. Quitting
      smoking can be very difficult and there is no single best way that works for all people.

      The best way to quit smoking is reducing the number of cigarettes every
      day. Keep away from friends and relatives who smoke.
      Do not store cigarette packs at home or at office. Craving for smoking is only short lived and will go away even if
      you do not smoke. Talk to your doctor once you plan to quit smoking.
      Exercise regularly. Regular exercise keeps your heart in good condition. Regular exercises
      improve blood flow to penile arteries. Exercising regularly lowers blood pressure, improves muscle
      tone, strengthens bones and reduces body weight. Reduced body
      weight also helps to reduce blood sugar level in diabetic patients.
      Exercises reduce stress, anxiety and depression. A regular exercise for 30 minutes 5 days a
      week is very ideal and keeps you fit. Brisk walk
      for 30 minutes is best exercise for all ages.

      Many males are engaged in smoking for pleasure without knowing it narrows the blood vessels and causes sexual disorders like erectile dysfunction. Other reasons
      for ED in men include depression, stress, medicine abuse, excessive drinking,
      and reduced blood supply to the genitals. Overnight oil is one of the best herbal remedies to cure impotence.
      It is developed using powerful herbs and oil
      including Lavang, Jaiphal, Ghee, Somal, Aak Ka Doodh, Kesar,
      Beer Buti and Javitri. You need to take few drops of this herbal oil and
      apply along the length of the male organ. You are advised to massage
      the male organ gently using the fingers until the herbal oil
      is absorbed by nerves and tissues. It heals the damaged tissues and nerves in the reproductive

      It also widens the blood vessels to force more blood supply to
      the reproductive organs during sexual arousal. It helps to gain rock hard erection. You will be able to
      maintain hardness of the male organ for the complete love act and offer her enhanced sexual pleasure.
      Therefore, it is one of the proven herbal remedies to cure impotence.
      It also promotes production of new cells. It helps to increase the size
      of the male organ to put more pressure in her genital walls and on genital passage nerves for enhanced sexual pleasure during copulation. You can buy this herbal oil in 15
      ml bottles from reputed online stores.

      Order for 3, 9, 6, 12 bottles can be placed using a credit or debit card from your home.
      You are advised to massage the male organ for three
      to four months. 4T Plus capsule is one of the best
      herbal remedies to cure impotence. It also improves stamina and sex drive.

      High quality herbs and nutrients are used in right combination to manufacture
      this high quality herbal remedy for the treatment of erectile
      dysfunction. Its key ingredients include Ashwagandha, Kuchala, Shilajit, Vidarikand, Kaunch, Safed Musli, Shatavari, Tulsi, Salabmisri,
      Tambul, Talmakhana, Kharethi, Jaipatri, Kesar, Akarkra and
      Moti. This herbal supplement offers effective treatment for low libido, low sperm count, impotence, weak erection and erectile

      It cures sexual weakness and improves vitality
      and vigor. It revitalizes your reproductive organs and helps to last
      longer in bed. It improves secretion of testosterone and improves desire for lovemaking.
      It also increases semen load and helps to enjoy intense sexual pleasure in coition. It offers effective
      treatment for weak erection and PE. It cures male infertility and helps to impregnate
      a woman and own a child naturally. Therefore, couples can use this herbal pill to conceive naturally and parent a child.
      You can buy 4T Plus capsule, which is one of the best herbal remedies to cure impotence¸ from reputed online stores using a credit or debit card.
      It is free from additives and chemicals. You can use these herbal remedies without any fear of side effects.
      Best fruits to cure male impotence include grape fruit, pineapple,
      watermelon and guava. Grapefruit consists of lycopene
      and offers effective cure for impotence or erectile dysfunction. Pineapple is a rich source of vitamin C and improves blood flow to the
      reproductive organs. You can include these
      foods in your daily diet.

      These days, more and more men are opting for more
      natural herbal remedies to treat their erectile dysfunction. It’s
      long been believed that the older, pre-modern science herbal treatments
      for male impotence are more effective than the modern pills and supplements.
      Before you begin trying herbal remedies-or before you take any-it’s important to know several things.
      The most important thing is to ask your doctor if taking certain herbs is
      okay for you. Some herbal remedies run the risk of conflicting with pre-existing
      conditions and medications and may cause nasty side effects.

      However, for most men herbal remedies will
      be completely safe to use, but it’s imperative you ask your doctor beforehand.

      One example of an herbal remedy gone bad is yohimbe.
      Marketed as one of the main remedies to treat erectile dysfunction, clinical studies have found that using yohimbe for a prolonged period of time will
      lead to high blood pressure and heart failure in older men. The results of studies have been so varied
      that The American Urologic Association does not recommend yohimbe for treating impotence, and in fact advises against it,
      encouraging men to seek other, safer options. Given man’s lifelong battle with heart disease, you certainly want to avoid giving any help to congestive
      failure’s side. The two safer (and more widely used) herbal remedies, Asian ginseng
      and Ginkgo biloba, seem to have the most success as an erectile dysfunction treatment.
      Used in ancient China, Ginkgo was long thought to be extinct in the world until two areas
      planted by monks over 1000 years ago were located.

      Since then, Ginkgo has been back on the market as an important cure in any herbal medication routine.
      The main ability Ginkgo provides is an increase amount
      of blood flow to muscles and tissue; you can see why men trust using it as
      a possible treatment. Asian ginseng is another old-as-civilization erectile dysfunction cure.
      Results of ginseng use vary widely, making it a much riskier herbal cure.

      One important thing to know is that it is Asian ginseng which is used to treat erectile
      dysfunction. The lesser-known American ginseng shares the same properties as
      its Asian cousin, but the results of using it in treatment of ED are much less reliable, and have caused more side effects
      such as high-blood pressure.

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